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Sugar and Spice
Every thing nice
That's what girls
are made of!

Rich creamy Chocolate Candy Lotion Bars enhanced with vitamin E and conditioning oils of shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter.   Excellent on feet!   $8.00 each

Shown with Gourmet Chocolate Cupcake Soaps
*See chocolate lovers page.
Lushious lathering with Lemon Cream Pie Soap & Lemon Bon- Bon bath bombs.    Soap $6.00     Bon-bon 4/$3.00
Lemon Cream Pie
Lemon Cream Pie

Divinely scent treats make great table settings for parties and spa events!
Ginger Bread  and Lavender Cookies
Great for holiday treats!

$8.50 for six cookies


Divinely scent created these mouth watering skin care essentials using natural ingredients that your body craves.  For healthy skin treat yourself to natural cupcake soaps, lemon cream pie, sugar cookie scrubs, lip frosting's, and butter creams with aromatic scents that revive your skin,  leaving it soft and luxurious.  For thirsty skin with an appetite, enjoy our bath and body dessert entrees.
Bath Appetite!!!
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"Bath Appetite" Skin Care Essentials
Lemon Lime Tort
Bathe in a summer citrus scent of fresh squeezed juice, so refreshing you will feel like your in the orchard.  Skin softening Tort will dissolve in water and whipped soap will float to the top ready to lather you full of moisturizing suds.

Scent includes:
Lemon-Lime or Pink Grapefruit.               $5.00
Pink Sugar Cake Pop Soap
 Pretty in pink soaps are as beautiful as they smell, a delightful hand soap with a very feminine scent. A small bundle of these little delights makes a great display for any bathroom.             6 for $9.00
Cashmere Silk Cake Soap

Cover your skin with pure silk fibers
and a cocoa butter blend. Warm scents
of vanilla & sandlewood.

$6.00 each slice

Lavender Cupcake Soap

Relax with the fresh scent of lavender
cupcake soaps. Tastefully made with
natural minerals and sprinkled with
organic grown lavender buds & a
touch of sparkling glitter.


Sugar Cookie Scrubs

Are a great way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin into blissful
breath taking scents. Simple break
a piece off and massage into skin, rinse off and pat dry.  Great for showers too! Natural ingredients and body safe glitter. Collect all scents for a plateful of these dainty delights.

Scents include:

Chocolate Cherry
Angel Wings
Pink Sugar

$8.50  set of any 6

Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcake Soap
All natural ingredients with moisturizing chocolate chips made from cocoa butter and enhanced with vitamin E oils.                                     $6.00
Chocolate Gourmet Cupcake soap
A rich chocolate base with cocoa butter, black cocoa, whipped white & chocolate swirl & topped with a dark chocolate treat.                                     $6.00
Rose Cupcake Soaps